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About Us

Three Colleges, One Mission: to help Hampton Roads build the workforce of the future.

The Community College Workforce Cooperative (CCWC) is Hampton Roads’ leading engine for workforce development — a catalyst to help education and industry solve the region’s toughest workforce development challenges, build wealth, and grow the economy.

Our unique partnership taps the combined strengths of three community colleges—Camp Community College, Virginia Peninsula Community College (formerly Thomas Nelson Community College), and Tidewater Community College—to build innovative training and education programs and give Hampton Roads employers the workforce you need to stay competitive. Whether it’s training current employees for the next challenge or building a completely new workforce, our team of experts is ready to put our experience and skill to work for you.

With 10 college locations covering 4 counties and 11 cities, our workforce partnership meets students and employers wherever they are in the Hampton Roads region.

What We Do


We know training and education, and we have the tools and resources to create the innovative solutions your business needs. From technical skills to job readiness, from accelerated training to long-term workforce development plans, from industry certifications to academic credentials, we’ve got you covered. We leverage the collective expertise and the extensive resources of the region’s community colleges to build the workforce programs Hampton Roads’ employers like you need.


Your expertise is business; ours is training and education. With a single call or email, employers can engage the full range of our region’s community college resources in a timely, cost-effective way. Our experts work with you and your team to understand what you need to sustain and grow your business. We identify the unique combination of educational resources and strategies that achieve your goals. And then, we build a comprehensive plan from initial program design through implementation, assessment, and follow-up.


By establishing a strategic partnership with CCWC, employers can take advantage of our institutional know-how to help identify and activate the job training and education program resources you need, at the lowest possible cost to you.


Through our partner network, we collaborate to build comprehensive, scalable training programs. By working together, we develop and deliver regional solutions with an economy of scale unmatched by any other workforce solutions provider.

Who We Help

We help employers, organizations, and agencies in Hampton Roads, large or small. If you employ or provide services to people in our area, and need help planning for current or future workforce training and education, we are here for you.

Why Choose Us

With 10 locations across 4 counties and 11 cities, CCWC is everywhere students and employers are. No other workforce development partner can offer the experience, breadth, and scale of programs available through the innovative CCWC partnership. Partner with us and you get:

  • Comprehensive planning and workforce needs assessment
  • Access to a diverse array of next-generation training and education solutions
  • Centralized coordination to accelerate regional program development and to capitalize on the efficiencies available through our partnership
  • Scalable solutions available anywhere in Hampton Roads
  • Consistent, reliable programs your team can depend on

Get in touch with us today, and start building the workforce you need to meet tomorrow’s competitive challenges.