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We create custom solutions to meet your training and workforce needs for today and tomorrow

We know training and education, and we have the tools and resources to create the innovative services and solutions your business needs. From technical skills to job readiness, from accelerated training to long-term workforce development plans, from industry certifications to academic credentials, we’ve got you covered.

Your expertise is business; ours is custom training and education.


Customized workforce training for your unique businesses needs:

  • We help you identify the key challenges that are impacting your business
  • We create tailored training solutions that fit your company’s needs today and in the future
  • We deliver workforce training or business and education consulting services to you at the lowest cost possible 

Pre-Hire Training Model 

The Marine Trades Training (MTT) program, delivered in partnership with the Virginia Ship Repair Association, Paul D. Camp Community College, Virginia Peninsula Community College (formerly Thomas Nelson Community College), and Tidewater Community College represents a great example of a proven pre-hire training program that has operated since 2017 with impressive results. The MTT program has trained over 1,900 participants in six occupations for employment within the shipbuilding and ship repair industry with a 90% hire rate for program completers. The MTT program model can be duplicated in nearly any industry and can include:

  • Recruitment of targeted populations for an accelerated training program resulting in a guaranteed job interview or job placement contingent on successful completion of the program. 
  • Candidates for training can be prescreened by employers or employer representatives based on specific job requirements. 
  • Training duration can vary based on skills, knowledge, and abilities covered, but accelerated, bootcamp style training has proven effective (2-10 weeks).
  • Training can be delivered to mimic the actual workplace, and direct employer participation is encouraged. 
  • Training program serves as an opportunity for trainees to experience the job and an opportunity for employers to assess trainees before hire. 
  • Successful completers are prepared to make immediate contributions once hired and employee retention improves. 

Cooperative Education Program 

Cooperative education can be delivered as a structured program strategically combining community college classroom instruction with opportunities for the student to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom while on the job with partnering employers. Participating students can complete alternating semesters between on-campus study and semesters of full-time paid employment with partnering employers. Work assignments can grow with the student as their knowledge increases through more advanced studies. Graduates from the program are then fully prepared to launch their full-time career and make significant contributions immediately. Permanent employment offers after program completion are at the discretion of the partnering employer. 

Apprenticeship – Grow Your Own Workforce

Apprenticeship programs provide an integrated employment training model that has proven to produce highly skilled and committed workers to meet the demands of employers across an array of industries in the Commonwealth, the nation, and across the globe. Through a combination of on-the-job training and related technical instruction, apprentices gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) need to succeed in the workplace and they then have the opportunity to immediately apply these KSA’s while on the job at a sponsoring employer. Apprenticeship program development and delivery are always employer-led, and Virginia’s community colleges represent a key resource for employers seeking a training and education partner.  Virginia’s community colleges have a long history of working with local employers to provide related technical instruction in support of their apprenticeship programs. An employer may also choose to be recognized by the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry as a Registered Apprenticeship sponsor and Virginia’s community colleges can support in this effort as well. Apprentices are employed by sponsoring employers at the program’s outset and apprentice contributions grow as their experience and education advance. 

Professional Development for Your Current Workforce

High potential employees may benefit from professional development opportunities through their local community college. Training and education programs can be developed and delivered to address targeted skill sets on a desired timeline to promote growth and advancement within the company. Virginia’s Community colleges can work with employer partners to identify the desired program content and the best method for content delivery. Options for stackable programs delivered through workforce training and academic programs abound. Programs can be developed to focus on highly technical, applied skills, the theoretical content needed to support critical thinking and analysis, or a combination of each. Virginia’s community colleges can be a valuable partner in developing the future leaders for any business in the Commonwealth.


Federal and state public aid may be available to significantly reduce the cost of training and education programs to both students and employer sponsors.

Why Choose Us

CCWC is everywhere students and employers are in the Hampton Roads region. No other workforce development partner can offer the experience, breadth, and scale of programs available through the CCWC partnership.


  • Comprehensive planning and workforce needs assessment
  • Access to a diverse array of next-generation training and education solutions
  • Centralized coordination to accelerate regional program development and to capitalize on the efficiencies available through our partnership
  • Scalable solutions available anywhere in Hampton Roads
  • Consistent, reliable programs your team can depend on


With a single call or email, our training and education experts work with you and your team to understand what you need to sustain and grow your business. We identify the unique combination of educational resources and strategies that achieve your goals. And then, we build a comprehensive custom plan from initial program design through implementation, assessment, and follow-up.


By establishing a strategic partnership with CCWC, employers like you can take advantage of our institutional know-how to help identify and activate the job training and education program resources you need, at the lowest possible cost to you.


Through our partner network, we collaborate to build comprehensive, scalable training programs tailored for your workforce needs. By working together, we’re able to develop and deliver regional solutions to you with an economy of scale unmatched by any other workforce solutions provider.

Get in touch with us today, and start building the workforce you need to meet tomorrow’s competitive challenges.